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Learn the secrets of 3D art photography and create striking art photographs like the above photography composition

This technique can be one of the most powerful tools for your art, fine-art, abstract, and portrait photography. Though this concept was widespread in art, we rarely use this method after the intervention of photography. There are many more treasures that are yet to be unveiled in photography art. This is why we have designed a comprehensive Fast Track Guidance program for photographers to teach many hidden facts of art photography.

For the first time in photography history, we are introducing Fast Track Guidance, a fast and effective learning process of photography composition, aesthetic photography rules, philosophy of photographs, photography aesthetic perfection, and professionals' photography secrets. Enroll now to learn many unknown facts of photography that you can't get anywhere else.

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Once you understand composition making with an idea of art photography aesthetic and image psychology; you will also be able to implant a variety of directions and stories into any digital photography composition. The Fast Track Guidance program is the easiest way to understand the complex composition-making process. Most of the time, we have used very common art photography examples to guide you the methods in a way that you can understand without any difficulty.

See how these two poaceaes are representing the essence of eternal love and attachment. Poaceae is something very ordinary and often macro, and nature photographers fail to notice and capture the pure beauty of it. But, Riddhi Bhattacharjee has used them to depict a brief story of fondness that you get in the Fast Track Guidance program, which is an absolute subject of learning for art photographers and any artists who want to make photo contents more striking and connectable to the audience. In the Fast Track Guidance program, you will also get a comprehensive understanding of contemplative photo storytelling psychology from Riddhi Bhattacharjee to make your images evergreen to your viewers.

In The Eden Photographer: Riddhi Bhattacharjee
In The Eden by Riddhi Bhattacharjee

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Chapter 68: Your photography understanding may not progress if you over-click the camera! (Photographer's Habit Percolation)

In photography, we often think that capturing a series of moments randomly can ultimately minimize the risk of losing a moment. Additionally, most contemporary photographers' general practice is 'capture first-choose the best later,' but every day, little by little, this ruins the growth of your understanding of photography composition making. Photography shall be practiced as a re-creational art, not as a skill if you want to master the composition. The skills that are required to be a finisher photographer are only a matter of perseverance. Try to click the moment after imagining the composition at least partially!

Developing excellence in photography may take significant time, but it will surely end up with sweet results in your passion and profession. Come and experience this art photographer's ultimate teachings of art photography that can leverage your overall photography like anything.

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Please help us understand your actual demand from the photography education industry to provide you the maximum against your valuable time and hard-earned money. In case you do not require any guidance, we still value your beliefs as your opinion will help us serve the entire fraternity of photographers.

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You get a straight discount of 200$ if you enroll in the Fast Track Guidance Season one.

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The first-time camera user is naïve and often make mistakes. Don't make the same mistake as we have the solution.

Fast Track Guidance

Take the guidance to become an expert in composition, and discover the hidden secrets of professional photography.

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Professional guidance is designed to leverage your photography knowledge along with your professional identity.

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Topic Portrait Art Photography: Understanding portrait psychology, portrait composition making, portrait mood psychology, and portrait aesthetic perfection.


The women have imparted life in the lifeless mass. The women are the only linkage between being and evolution. This evolution can either lead us towards redemption or utter consequence.

The eyes of women seek attention because they carry the pain of untold tales, tales that reveal only through their eyes. Indeed, any of the individual stories are not powerful enough, but these millions of women and their trillions of untold stories will assuredly repel in unity against the tyranny of humankind.

Before the time comes, start looking into the eyes instead of her shape as this is the only way towards redemption. - Riddhi Bhattacharjee

Do you know that when to provide a supporting story alongside portrait photography? Or when can we represent bare portraits that do not require any specific literature?

Portrait photography By Riddhi Art Photographer


Look at her eyes, and it will follow you everywhere you go. This visual illusion is an excellent means of striking and communicating with the viewer directly, however, this method does not work always well sometimes, we need to break this illusion to establish the compositional story.


In this case, the subject does not make any eye contact with the audience to establish a common tendency of women to hide their agony and pain from the rest of the world, though the face contains a gentle smile to hide it.

Portrait photography by Riddhi Art Photographer

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Every art form serves two primary purposes of humans: identity and earning. Sometimes, it may provide you with both. But, to understand the various approaches to achieving a unique identity as an art photography artist, you have to have a proper understanding of the correct direction, what we provide through our guidance program of RAP Education. ENROLL NOW to learn the methods of achieving a unique identity as an art photography composition master.

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How to become successful in professional photography?

Success does not come in one fine night. You have to devote yourself to the subject you want to become a successful photography artist. In photography, vagabonding with the camera is the starting phase where you provide substantial efforts. Still, that effort's practical outcome seems nothing. Most photographers start deviating their interest in photography from the most crucial stage, 'The Valley of Depression in photography,' however, that phase also might be the turning point in photography pursuit? Enroll Now to learn the most effective process of getting out from the phase called the valley of depression!

success statistics in professional photography

Actual Efforts: The time, money, and effort you spend on your photography dream.

Effective Outcome: Images that you finally prepare (not the amount of total click that you do with the camera) for exhibitions and other purposes.

Success Span: : Each of your images has a specific span of success, once that span passes over the tip, people forget about your creation.

🌻Enroll in the Fast Track Guidance program of RAP Education now to understand every subtle factor of professional photography that professional photographers would never like to teach you.

You get a straight discount of 200$ if you enroll in the Fast Track Guidance Season one.

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Topic: Nature Photography: Myths of wildlife photography

This image receives much appreciation from its viewers every time. In this image, the Little Grebe, the bird, appears 3D, and we can also observe a frontwards motion of the bird in this composition. This image has been captured with a moderate level of equipment: Canon EOS 60D camera and Canon EF 400mm F5.6 lens. Riddhi Bhattacharjee insists that this kind of visual illusion is only the outcome of a greater understanding of art photography composition making and aesthetics. It has nothing much to do with the camera or other gadgets settings learning.

Bird Photography By Riddhi Art Photographer
Nature Art Photography By Riddhi Art Photographer

NO, it's not mirrorless photography. You can also click 3D appearing images with your existing set of equipment. Checkout now to enroll your name.

On the other hand, the bird is a bit more left-sided from the center in the second case and does not express much potential motion. Did you know that there are two different types of photography motions, and both of them affect each other? Enroll now to understand everything about art photography composition making, and psychology.

You get a straight discount of 200$ if you enroll in the Fast Track Guidance Season one.

“Photography has nothing to do with cameras." - Lucas Gentry

Understanding cameras, optics, and their operations are poles apart from learning professional photography composition and understanding photography's essence. So, we have decided to explain the contemporary sad wild notion of teaching mere camera settings in exchange for massive money from photography learners. We have developed a comprehensive guidance program for everyone who wants to understand photography art, photography psychology, photography philosophy, professional photography methods, photo composition approaches, along with a complete support system.

All three images are captured with Canon EF 55-250mm!

Nature art photography by riddhi art photographer
Nature art photography by riddhi art photographer
Nature art photography by riddhi art photographer

All the images of this section are captured with an entry-level lens and camera of bird photography. Still, you would not be able to differentiate the results compering with the photography of contemporary cutting-edge cameras and optics users. The point is simple and straightforward: you need a camera and lens to capture moments, but not the best camera and lens!

Compelling nature photography is a pure subject of knowledge, perseverance, and fair understanding of photography composition. Once you master photography aesthetics and fundamentals of camera technology and settings, you can also create beautiful wildlife photo compositions, birds, insects, and other natural subjects with moderate equipment.

Choosing the right gears for photography might be confusing! Your wrong decision might end up in frustration and massive money wastage.

Do you still think you understand everything about photography composition making?


You get a straight discount of 200$ if you enroll in the Fast Track Guidance Season one.

The pursuit of finding an aesthetic photo learning program ends here!

For the first time, we are introducing a comprehensive guidance program with extensive knowledge for photographers who want to become successful in the industry. You may have a fundamental knowledge of photography, or you may not have it. Still, in any way, that would not matter if you want to join this Fast Track Guidance program as we guide both who wants to start from scratch and who has some knowledge but can't convert it into successful photographs. Remember that this is a guidance program, not a course that provides a standard solution for everyone's different needs, which is inefficient mostly. We provide customized guidance as per your knowledge level and way of thinking, which is challenging, so you should purchase this guidance program as a serious learner and have the patience to learn something new.

Fast Track Guidance

Learn What everybody Aught To Know About Art Photography Compositions!

You get a straight discount of 200$ if you enroll in the Fast Track Guidance Season one.

You can also buy the below-mentioned budget programs if you have queries related to your camera/lens/accessories purchasing.

All the buying assistance programs are designed to provide photographers with a comprehensive understanding of technology primarily used in a camera, optics, and equipment manufacturing in an easy way. While popular photography courses are primarily focused on teaching camera and lens settings, Riddhi Bhattacharjee planned to provide a comprehensive understanding of working principles of photography equipment that can help one throughout his continuance.

85% of the first-time consumers are unsatisfied with their first camera! But why?

The first-time camera user is naïve and often gets influenced by others: amateur photographers, friends, family, salespersons, and in fact, they get deviated by a 5 minutes video of various brands and their influencers. For obvious reasons, most brand-related photographers advise biasedly as their bread and butter depend on brand growth. Additionally, there are plenty of people who will suggest you cameras for free but to showoff their identity as a professional or knowledge holder in this context. These are real facts; what we know still can't get read of it as our understanding of the camera is limited. Join any of the assistance programs of Riddhi Bhattacharjee, and we ensure you that you will have a transforming experience of photography even before stepping into it.

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Guidance Vs. Assistance In Photography

These two modes are not entirely different as both of them are developed to provide photographers with a comprehensive understanding instead of direct problem solutions! A few online photography courses available on the internet teach you the pros and cons of the camera, their technical capacity, and how to optimize their utility in practical photography. But, no one offers you the knowledge that can significantly improve your craft and composition. Some existing powerful composition-making methods: the golden ratio, rule of thirds, leading lines, the balance between subject and object. All of these are well known to us; however, these methods can't be a matter of knowing; instead, we must have a comprehensive understanding of their definitions, processes, psychology, limitations, and many other factors if we really want to become a thriving master in this massive industry of photographers. So, we developed the Fast Track Guidance and Life Time Guidance programs to provide you with comprehensive knowledge of photography and many other factors. And all the assistance programs are just companions of guidance programs as they are being developed for students to provide a direction of purchasing equipment (camera/lens/accessories) after understanding their artistic qualities, expectations, and endeavor in photography.

Once you successfully pay the mentioned amount you will be provided with the registration link instantly* to schedule your online assistance program.

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